Radioactive Waste, Environmental Fate and Identification of Radionuclides

Session Organizers:
Tim Payne, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, Institute for Environmental Research, Australia
Stacey L. Lance, University of Georgia, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, USA

The session will consider the processes involved in the dispersion of radiation and the impacts of radioactivity on the environment, both from natural sources and as a consequence of human activity, including uranium mining, radioactive waste disposal, nuclear weapons tests and nuclear accidents. The scope also includes the applications of radionuclides in the environment to understand and interpret natural processes, such as erosion, sedimentation, the circulation of air masses and ocean currents.


Using Chemical and Isotopic "Signatures" to Resolve Multiple Contamination Sources in the Environment
Sue Clark, Washington State University, United States

Ultra-Sensitive Nuclear Measurements of Environmental Radioisotopes
Mathew Douglas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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