Quality Assurance Topics in Radioanalytical Chemistry

Session Organizer:
Simon Jerome, National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom

The end user of radioanalytical data can reasonably expect that the data is supported by sufficient information, has been generated by reliable techniques and procedures that have been appropriately used in generating such data. Confidence in the foregoing is underpinned by suitable measurement traceability, method validation and ongoing quality assurance activities. These may include the regular use of internal and/or external reference materials; regular participation in proficiency testing schemes; analysis of the results from such quality assurance measurements. This session will discuss the role of proficiency testing, method validation and the use and analysis of quality assurance data in delivering robust and defensible radioanalytical data to its ultimate users.


Use of IAEA Reference Materials for QA in analytical techniques and applications to environmental sample analysis
Alessia Ceccatelli, International Atomic Energy Agency Laboratories Seibersdorf,  International

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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