Cyclotron Production of Non-PET Radionuclides

Session Organizers:
Nigel R. Stevenson, Clear Vascular, Inc., USA
Flavia Groppi, Universitá egli Studi di Milano, Laboratorio LASA, Italy

Commercial (~30 MeV) and lower energy (“PET cyclotron”) manu-facture of SPECT and other non-PET tracers can represent a significant portion of the isotopes in routine and R&D production at these types of facilities. This session will cover recent improvements in the methodology for the production of isotopes at these locations. The session will focus on the production of novel isotopes, isotope production challenges and improvements, accelerator developments, target design, target chemistry challenges and improvements to existing production programs in order to meet changing market demands.

Invited Papers

Methods of Producing High Specific Activity Sn-117m with Commercial Cyclotrons
Nigel Stevenson, Clear Vascular, Inc., USA

The past, present and future of cyclotron-based large scale SPECT radioisotopes production
Sylvain Savaria, Ion Beam Applications (IBA), Belgium

Cyclotron Production of SPECT Isotopes
Jozef Orzechowski, TRIUMF, Canada

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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