Production of Stable Isotopes

Session Organizer:
Wolfgang H. Runde, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

The availability of stable and enriched isotopes is strategically important due to their utilization in many research areas. The research includes, but is not limited to homeland security, drug discovery, nutrition research, energy (both nuclear and petrochemical), healthcare diagnostics, and key scientific studies in physics, chemistry, environmental science, and materials science. Over the last 25 years the production of stable and enriched isotopes in the United States shifted from the national laboratories to private sector production and abroad as well as to production in the national laboratories of other countries. Many areas of research are significantly affected by the limited availability of stable and enriched isotope, and it is often the case that the procurement of isotope products is the largest component of cost in a research program. This session will cover the status of stable isotope production and availability and focus on development of enrichment technologies, current production capabilities and uses of stable isotope for research and applications, and challenges to meet the changing demands for research and industrial applications.


Isotope Production at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
John Krueger, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States

Development of Electromagnetic and Gaseous Centrifuge Technologies for the Enrichment of Stable Isotopes
Brian Egle, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States

Production capacities of ROSATOM State Corporation's isotope complex in the sphere of stable isotopes' manufacturing and supplies
Aleksey Vakulenko, JSC Isotope, Russia

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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