Applications in Nuclear Medicine – Therapeutics

Session Organizers:
Meera Venkatesh, IAEA, International
Bryan Bednarz, University of Wisconsin, USA

Therapeutic nuclear medicine has been growing fast in the past decade with the availability of several radioisotopes with high LET (beta, alpha and Auger/conversion electrons emitters) as well as highly specific targeting molecules (monoclonal antibodies, peptides etc.). In recent times, therapy using alpha emitters has also gained much attention. While targeting is the primary aim for using high LET radionuclides in therapy, the radiation dose to non-target organs and long term side effects of the in-vivo therapy are important concerns that need to be addressed. This session would cover various aspects of work related to therapeutic nuclear medicine, such as radiolabelling, preclinical experiments (in vitro, animals and patients) and dosimetry.

Invited Papers

Merging Therapeutic and Diagnostic Imaging: Phospholipid Ether-Based Targeting Approaches for Broad Spectrum Cancer Detection and Treatment
Joseph Grudzinski, Novelos Therapeutics Inc., United States

Dosimetry-based treatment planning: personalized medicine in radiopharmaceutical therapy
Robert Hobbs, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, United States

Towards Multiscale Personalized Dosimetry for Diapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
Bryan Bednarz, University of Wisconsin, United States

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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