Isotope Tracers – Applications

Session Organizer:
Simon Jerome, National Physical Laboratory, UK

Radiochemical analysis required that the overall chemical yield is measureable, and this is achieved by adding a stable element yield tracer. In some cases, it may be advantageous to use a radioactive yield tracer (such as 85Sr for in radiostrontium analysis) and in others (analysis of 99Tc, 147Tc, 210Po, radium, uranium, 237Np, plutonium, americium and the higher actinides) it is a necessity, due to the lack of a stable isotope. The session will examine the currently available radioactive yield tracers and their ongoing production and availability, as well as emerging possibilities and future opportunities.


C isotopes in soil and pollen in lake sediment, southeastern Brazil: Atlantic - Amazon Forests ancient dynamics and connections
Luiz C. R. Pessenda, Centre for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (CENA), Brazil

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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