Secure the Supply of Isotopes in the Future–Panel

Session Organizer:
Richard Henkelmann, Isotope Technologies Garching, Germany

The supply of enriched stable isotopes as target material for irradiation in accelerators and reactors will be reviewed. While the number of accelerators mainly cyclotrons is steadily increasing the availability of reactors with reasonable high neutron flux and operation time has become a strong concern. The actual and future situation in Russia, US and Europe will be discussed.

Panel Chair

Richard Henkelmann, Isotope Technologies Garching, Germany


Bernard Ponsard, SCK.CEN–BR2 Reactor, Belgium
Rostislav Kuznetsov, JSC State Scientific Center–Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, Russia
Wolfgang Runde, Los Alamos National Laboratory, United Staes
Pieter Louw, NTP Radioisotopes, South Africa
Darren Brown, Trace Sciences International Corp, Canada

8th International Conference
on Isotopes and Expo

August 24-28, 2014

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